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Jason HacklerJason Hackler

Jason Hackler, who heads up the appraisal team, specializes in fine art, furniture, porcelain, and silver. Jason is a lifelong enthusiast of antiques and collecting, with special expertise in fine art, American and English 18th- and 19th-century period furniture, porcelain, and silver. He formed a passion for antiques before he was 12, when his parents, Sam and Eileen Hackler, opened New Hampshire Antique Co-op in Milford, NH (www.nhantiquecoop.com). He spent several years studying American material culture with prominent American museums, including Strawbery Banke, in Portsmouth; Historic Deerfield, Mass.; and Winterthur Museum in Delaware.

Jason and his father have been named “Best of New Hampshire – Antiques Appraisals” by New Hampshire magazine, for which Jason writes a monthly article, “Treasure Hunt.”

At the Antiques Sideshow Jason will discuss the historical background and provenance of a variety of items, including fine art, furniture, porcelain, and silver, and give appraisals. "You never know what might turn up," he says. “New Hampshire houses are brimming with antiques waiting to be discovered."

How True! In 2012 Jason appraised a $25 yard-sale find at $8,000
– this could be YOU! "

David Searles

David Searles, a well-known dealer and exhibitor at New Hampshire Antique Co-op, has more than 40 years’ experience as an antique-watch specialist, and also specializes in clocks, jade, and antique jewelry. He also restores pocket and wrist watches and clocks, and is a frequent consultant to auction houses for cataloguing.

At the Antiques Sideshow, David will examine and discuss visitors’ pieces of antique jewelry and jade, clocks and watches, and give appraisals.



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